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If you have been struggling with a chronic illness, and looking to combine conventional and naturopathic treatments, book a consultation to speak with our virtual doctor about getting a referral to a naturopathic doctor today.
Take a new step in improving the quality of your life, with combination treatments that will help minimize your side effects from drugs, surgeries, and conventional treatments.

What Is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy medicine is a combination of modern scientific medicine and traditional practices that uses natural remedies to help heal the body by itself. Naturopathy is a primary health care system that focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of chronic illnesses with the healing power of nature. It involves a range of therapies including homeopathy, naturopathic manipulation, acupuncture, exercise, and nutritional counselling. The goal of treatment with naturopathy is to restore balance in the patient’s body to boost its natural healing process.

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When Should You See a
Naturopathic Specialist?

If you have been lately struggling with chronic and complicated conditions that leave a range of side effects when treated by modern medicine, you should consider going to a naturopathic doctor. This will help give you a broader perspective on your health. Other reasons why you must consider seeing a naturopathic doctor include:

  • arrow When you want to address a health condition from a natural perspective
  • arrow When you want to treat the root cause of an illness
  • arrow When you do not want to use pharmaceutical drugs in treating your chronic illness
  • arrow When you experience hormonal imbalances
  • arrow When you are facing a recurring health condition
  • arrow When you want an in-depth personalized treatment option for your health condition
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How Can a Naturopathic Specialist Help?

A naturopathic specialist can help support and stimulate your body’s natural healing process by using natural therapies. They help diagnose, treat, and prevent acute and chronic health conditions by identifying the root cause of the problem and developing personalized treatment options, that support the inherent self-healing process of the body. A naturopathic specialist will try to reduce all the primary causes that are leading to a disease including unhealthy diets, stress, digestive disturbances, sleep disorders, sedentary lifestyle, and individual disharmonies. A range of physical modalities including massage therapy, spinal manipulation, and craniosacral therapy are also used in enhancing the skeletal and muscular cohesion. Your naturopathic doctor will also use supportive therapies to help decrease the side effects if you undergo invasive treatments.

Benefits of Seeing a Naturopathy Specialist

Naturopathy helps a patient awaken and stimulate their body’s natural and innate process of healing by treating the root cause of the problems.

The benefits of seeing a naturopathy specialist include:
  • arrow They work towards the goal of chronic disease prevention
  • arrow They help restore the body’s natural healing ability
  • arrow They help personalize treatment plans to stimulate innate healing
  • arrow They help you become more aware of your body by offering an in-depth health review
  • arrow They work hand in hand with other medical practitioners
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Frequently Asked Questions

Naturopathy can treat a wide range of conditions including heart conditions, digestive disorders, skin conditions, ear infections, gynaecological conditions, chronic stress, anxiety, depression, and provide cancer support.

Currently, Naturopathy is not covered by OHIP. But most extended insurance plans cover naturopathic treatments.

No. Most naturopathic specialists will be happy to work in collaboration with your medical doctor to provide you the best care possible.

Naturopathic doctors use a wide range of therapies including acupuncture, hydrotherapy, botanical medicine, homeopathy, clinical nutrition, and lifestyle counselling.