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If you have noticed new moles or changes in any existing moles,
it is time to have your moles checked by a Dermatologist and get your mole mapping done.
If you have a family history of skin cancers, and you have noticed large or irregular moles on your skin,
it is time to speak with our doctor online.
Get a referral to see a Dermatologist to get your moles evaluated.

What Is a Mole Mapping?

Skin cancer is highly curable if detected in its early stages. It is the most preventable forms of cancer. Sometimes, moles can evolve into skin cancer. It is important to get your moles evaluated by a physician, to rule out melanoma. Mole mapping is a technology that uses a computerized photo comparison tool to closely monitor changes in moles for patients with strong family history of skin cancer. In mole mapping, magnified images of moles or skin lesions are taken and closely monitored with the help of a standardized photo process.

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When Should You See
Physician for Moles?

You should consult a physician for mole mapping if you are at a high risk for developing skin cancer. People with family history, certain skin types, and people who have experienced excessive exposure to sun are at an increased risk of developing skin cancers. Besides that, you should consider seeing a physician if you experience the following symptoms:

Symptoms of Melanoma in A Mole:

  • arrow If you develop a mole that changes in colour, size or feel
  • arrow If you have moles that bleed or become crusty
  • arrow If you have a mole or moles that feels itchy or sore
  • arrow If you develop a new pigmented or unusual looking growth on your skin
  • arrow If you have a spot that has a jagged border, feels firm, has more than one colour, or is growing
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How Can Mole Mapping Help?

Mole mapping uses a highly computerized mole mapping system called as the ‘’FotoFinder’’ that helps in comparing baseline images of your moles. This uses a polarized photography that creates a database of high-resolution images that keep track of even the smallest changes in your mole, every year.

Total body photography ensures that potential changes in moles and lesions are tracked for early detection of skin cancer.

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Benefits of Mole Mapping

  • arrow Helps detect melanoma in its early stages
  • arrow Helps detect new moles or lesions through skin mapping
  • arrow Helps detect melanoma within minutes
  • arrow Helps keep track of many moles, including those on palm or soles
  • arrow Helps identify skin cancer in congenital moles as well
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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a patient with a family history of skin cancer, personal history of melanoma, history of chronic tanning bed use, fair-skinned, and history of developing blistering sunburns, you should get mole mapping done to rule out skin cancer.

You can get access to the photos upon request.

The duration of your mole mapping appointment depends on the areas of skin that need to be photographed. If there are many moles that need to be photographed, then your appointment may take longer.

Yes. If you would like the skin that is covered by your undergarments, be mapped, inform the medical assistant when you arrive for your appointment.