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Book an appointment through our online clinic to get a referral to see a Lactation Consultant. Chat with a Virtual Health Clinic virtual doctor about your need to see a nursing professional who can help you in your efforts to breastfeed.

You Don’t Have To Wait Until You Have Your Baby To Get Advice

At our Virtual Health Clinic, we support and encourage breastfeeding as a normal and healthy way to feed your baby. We understand that for some new mothers nursing does not come naturally. Speak to our healthcare provider about the challenges you are facing and obtain a specialist referral to a Lactation Specialist. They can help parents and infants with issues like milk supply, sore nipples, and breastfeeding positions.

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Reasons To See
a Lactation Specialist

  • arrow Poor milk supply
  • arrow Difficulty hitting weight milestones
  • arrow Difficulty finding the right nursing position, especially after a C-section
  • arrow Baby falling asleep at the breast
  • arrow Baby refusing to breastfeed
  • arrow Marathon breastfeeding sessions that leave you feeling drained
  • arrow Emotional and physical barriers to breastfeeding, including postpartum depression
  • arrow Pain while breastfeeding
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How Can a Lactation Specialist Help Me?

Breastfeeding is no easy task for new mothers and is a constant learning experience that takes a lot of patience and practice for both a mother and the baby. While breastfeeding has been proven to provide several mental and physical health benefits for both a mother as well as her child, it also presents several challenges for a mother especially during her early postpartum period.

Consulting a lactation specialist will help you navigate through the breastfeeding journey smoothly and get help with common breastfeeding problems such as inadequate milk production, nipple pain, latching pain, inverted nipples, clogged ducts, lactational mastitis, leaking nipples, and unusual nipple discharge. A lactation specialist will also educate you on breastfeeding techniques, baby positioning, pacifiers, pumping, and nutritional supplements.

Seeing a lactation specialist can help manage breastfeeding anxiety for new mothers and help them achieve the best breastfeeding outcome.

What Are the Benefits of Seeing a Lactation Consultant?

  • arrow Helps in meeting your nursing goals
  • arrow Provides a positive breastfeeding experience
  • arrow Specialized breastfeeding education
  • arrow Increase in success with breastfeeding initiation and duration
  • arrow Focuses on preventative care
  • arrow Sensitive towards the needs of both mother and child
  • arrow Evidence-based lactation practices
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Frequently Asked Questions

Experiencing tenderness or slight discomfort during breastfeeding is normal since the nipple tissue tends to become sensitive during pregnancy. But nipple pain which persists throughout a feeding, nipple cracking, unusual bleeding, and excruciating breast pain is not normal and needs to be examined by a doctor.

No. Lactation consultations are currently not covered under OHIP. But there are many insurance providers that might offer coverage for these services. Please confirm with your insurance provider to determine if this service is covered by them.

Breastfeeding offers several benefits to both mother and baby. It is the best source of nutrition to babies and lowers the risks of several conditions including obesity, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), diabetes, lower respiratory disease, and gastrointestinal infections. It also protects the mother from various illnesses and lowers the risks of certain types of cancers such as ovarian and breast cancer.

You can cancel your appointment by sending an email to Include your first name and last name in the subject line. You may also call or text the clinic at 844-222-7200.

Yes, you can get your prescriptions refilled or renewed by our healthcare providers after your consultation. If it is deemed safe and medically appropriate, a copy of your prescription will be sent electronically to a pharmacy of your choice, after which you can either pick up or choose to get them delivered to your home.

Our virtual doctors at the Virtual Health Clinic offer consultations in various languages including English, Farsi, French, Gujarati, Hindi, Punjabi, Spanish, Swahili, and Urdu.

You will need your phone, tablet, or computer with internet connection, to speak to a doctor online. You will also need to have access to your email address to confirm your appointment details.