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One Step at a Time

We are scaling up our impact to bring on-demand virtual healthcare to millions of Canadians every day. That takes the commitment of people, companies, organizations, and foundations, aligned with the singular focus of supporting the health and wellbeing of individuals by leveraging the use of the Virtual Health Clinic’s advanced virtual healthcare platform.

Virtual Health Clinic

Together, We Can
Achieve Even More

When you partner with the Virtual Health Clinic, you are:

  • Virtual Health Clinic

    Shaping the future of healthcare delivery.

  • Virtual Health Clinic

    Helping build a stronger healthcare system.

  • Virtual Health Clinic

    Activating the process of positive change.

  • Virtual Health Clinic

    Connecting your brand to a unique, trusted virtual care clinic that is supporting millions of Canadians through its innovative technology and compassionate Healthcare Providers.

You Are in Good Hands

The Virtual Health Clinic is honoured to work with some of Canada’s leading organizations in communities across Ontario.

We partner with groups that share our vision of shaping the future of healthcare delivery by providing convenient and accessible healthcare to every Ontario resident which in turn creates opportunities for a better life for everyone. We work together with nonprofits, and corporate partners to name a few to improve lives across Canada.

Virtual Health Clinic

What does it mean to partner with the
Virtual Health Clinic?

Our deepest purpose as an organization is helping support the health and wellbeing of Canadians.
We operate on empathy, compassion, inclusivity, and impact.
We are about people and genuine care is provided by people and exists to help people.
We serve as a partner that our partners can trust.

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