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Getting a Lab Requistion for Blood Work, an X-Ray or Ultrasound Is Simple and Easy!

Begin with a virtual medical visit at our online clinic. Speak to a doctor online about your health concern.

If the medical provider chooses to run a lab test, a new lab or imaging requisition will be emailed to you directly for download and print. You can take this requisition to any lab testing centre or imaging centre near you. Once testing is completed, our virtual healthcare team will have quick access to your results and will relay the results to you in a follow-up virtual appointment.

If you have previous lab results that need to be reviewed by our virtual doctor, you can schedule an appointment to have our medical provider go over your results. Through our user-friendly platform, our medical providers can order tests, follow up with patients, collaborate action plans with local care medical staff and provide continuity of care.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Virtual Health Clinic’s online doctors can request blood tests, ultrasounds, x-rays, and sexual health tests to confirm diagnoses.

Based on your history and current symptoms and health concerns, a lab requisition will be provided to you accordingly.

Yes, absolutely. We take pride in offering continuity of care to our patients. The Virtual Health Clinic offers a continuous caring relationship between patient and provider through our Ontario virtual clinic and through our province-wide network of affiliated medical clinics and healthcare providers.

You can connect with a Healthcare Provider 7-days a week between 8am to 9pm EST in 15 minutes or less from the time you requested your appointment. After your consultation, and upon the Healthcare Provider’s discretion, you will be provided with your lab requisition.

The timing of your results depends on the lab you choose and the type of test being ordered. It can range anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks.

Please ask the staff at the lab to share a timeline with you.

Yes, general virtual consultations are covered if you have a valid Ontario health card. For out-of-province patients, the consultation fee is $50.00 CDN (including all applicable taxes), per visit. We also accept third-party insurance where you may be fully covered or have reduced pricing. Please check your coverage with your insurance provider to see if this applies to you.

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The Virtual Health Clinic’s online doctors work out of various medical clinics across Ontario. If our Healthcare Provider recommends in-person physical care, he or she will refer you to one of our affiliated medical clinics closest to you. With convenient evening and weekend hours, you can easily book an appointment to be seen by a doctor at a time that is suits you.