Our Virtual Doctors Can Assess, Diagnose and Treat Many Health Conditions Online

Whether you are experiencing a cough, cold, migraine or fever, we can help you get back to feeling healthy and functioning again.

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We have all been there before! You have taken time off work to commute to the doctor’s office. You have arrived on time only to sit in the waiting room among other sick patients. If you are lucky, your name will be called in about 15 minutes, but most likely you will end up waiting up to an hour only to see the doctor for about 10 minutes.

Then, you might need to take some more time off work and go back to see the doctor to get your results after which you may need to go to the pharmacy to pick-up your prescription.

It is a time-consuming experience that most of us would rather avoid.

At our virtual health clinic, we can help you to connect with a Healthcare Provider. If your online doctor deems it to be safe and appropriate, your online prescription would be sent to your pharmacy of choice for convenient pick-up, or you can enjoy free medication delivery right to your home. You can even opt-in to have your medication delivered right to your home.

Explore the Benefits of Virtual Care

Our virtual clinic delivers positive health outcomes.

See your healthcare provider from the comfort of your own home.
Save time and money by not needing to commute and park for appointments.
Avoid having to wait in a doctor’s office when you’re sick or be exposed to illnesses.
Avoid having to take time off work or find childcare.

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During your consultation, our healthcare providers can diagnose your condition and write any required prescriptions to be sent to your preferred pharmacy. Forms will be filled out at the discretion of the provider and emailed to you or made available for download from your free Virtual Health Clinic account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An online doctor’s visit is a simple and easy way for you and your family to connect with a Healthcare Provider using your phone, iPad/Tablet or computer. The Virtual Health Clinic’s medical providers are available for you 7-days a week from 8am-9pm EST at a time that suits you to treat non-emergency medical conditions.

Yes, general virtual consultations are covered if you have a valid Ontario health card. For out-of-province patients, the consultation fee is $50.00 CDN (including all applicable taxes), per visit. We also accept third-party insurance where you may be fully covered or have reduced pricing. Please check your coverage with your insurance provider to see if this applies to you.

Learn More

The Virtual Health Clinic’s Healthcare Providers can most certainly discuss your mental health concerns by phone or video call. You can feel comfortable talking with one of our medical providers about any mental or emotional problems you are experiencing.

The Virtual Health Clinic’s Healthcare Providers work out of various medical clinics across Ontario. If our Healthcare Provider recommends in-person physical care, he or she will refer you to one of our affiliated medical clinics closest to you. With convenient evening and weekend hours, you can easily book an appointment to be seen by a doctor at a time that is suits you.

You can connect with a Healthcare Provider 7-days a week between 8am to 9pm EST in 15 minutes or less from the time you requested your appointment online.