Who We Are

The Virtual Health Clinic is a virtual care clinic that pairs its innovative technology with compassionate Healthcare Providers to bring Ontario residents on-demand and hassle-free healthcare solutions that conveniently fit right into an individual’s busy lifestyle.

Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario and backed by a team of dedicated people who have the same vision, Virtual Health Clinic brings a wide roster of caring Doctors and allied Healthcare Providers to you. We help empower the patient to become more active participants in their own care. After all, you are in charge of your health journey!

Virtual Health Clinic Virtual Health Clinic

Virtual Health Clinic promises to deliver a robust healthcare solution that makes patients feel better, faster. That is why we cover the full spectrum of care, providing access to a vast, multidisciplinary group of Family & Walk-In Doctors, Specialists, Internists, Allied Healthcare Practitioners, Therapists, Nutritionists and more that a patient will need to get back to feeling healthy and functioning again.

Whether a patient is injured, experiencing an ongoing illness or condition, or has consistent aches and pains that disrupt their daily life, Virtual Health Clinic has Doctors and other Healthcare Providers located across Ontario that also offer in-clinic and continuation of care. With convenient evening and weekend hours, patients can easily book an appointment for an assessment.

Virtual Health Clinic Virtual Health Clinic
Virtual Health Clinic

The Rise of Virtual
Care in Canada


of Canadians would like to be able to book appointments electronically but just 9% of Family Physicians currently offer this option.


of Canadians would like to be able to email their Healthcare Provider but just 24% offer this service.


of Canadians would like to have video visits with their Healthcare Provider but just 4% offer this option.
Virtual Health Clinic

Canadians don’t have doctors.

Virtual Health Clinic

skipped seeing a doctor due to long wait times.

Virtual Health Clinic

have not visited their doctor when sick because they could not get a timely appointment.

Virtual Health Clinic

Our Mission

Our deepest purpose as an organization is helping support the health and wellbeing of Canadians by leveraging the use of our advanced virtual healthcare platform - a system designed to improve the lives of patients 7-days a week.

Virtual Health Clinic

Our Vision

To shape the future of healthcare delivery by providing convenient and accessible healthcare to every Ontario resident.

Virtual Health Clinic

Our Essence

At our core, Virtual Health Clinic operates on empathy, compassion, inclusivity, and impact. We are about people and genuine care is provided by people and exists to help people.

Virtual Health Clinic

Our Vibe

At Virtual Health Clinic, we dream it, and then do it. Every day, we are inventing what is possible. We make connections. We solve problems. We serve as a partner that patients can trust.


Recent surveys have shown that there is a clear gap between the electronic access that patients would like to have and what physicians are currently offering.

At Virtual Health Clinic, we believe that there is a better and faster way to deliver healthcare. Patients want more from providers than simply good care. They also desire ease, convenience, and choice. With Virtual Health Clinic’s new model of healthcare, patients no longer must be physically present at a doctor’s office or end up in the emergency room for a common ailment that could have been assessed, diagnosed, and treated by our online Doctors. Furthermore, we can help save precious hospital and clinic resources for those who need them most lending itself to a more sustainable healthcare system.

Virtual Health Clinic offers unprecedented customer service and care by developing worry-free, time-saving and thoughtful healthcare solutions based on our patient’s unique needs.